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Request a Spiritual Mind Treatment

Let us take a few moments now in silence to go within to reconnect with the perfection of the universe. I release anything that I am presently holding any thoughts of self that do not support the higher idea of the perfection and wholeness of the world and of myself. I now focus my intention on this grander idea for I recognize that the universe is only one there is no other and it is the perfection of life. There is only one life one intelligence one force it is the creative energy of all and it seeks expression through all that I see. All that is is an expression of this one life. I choose to label this energy as God / Spirit. It is the truth of my being now and always. I am Spirit in human expression. I know that God is the abundance of life creating everything I see out of its own essence. It releases its essence freely and all is returned many times over. God has no idea or thought of lack or limitation for there is always an abundance of life all around.

God is perfect health in perfect expression at all times. There is no disease in God for God is free flowing energy and this energy flows through all that I see and all that I am. Spirit is a freely flowing energy that is all around. Spirit flows in harmony with all for all is Spirit in expression. God knows nothing of discord for it is in harmony and right relationship with self and all of its expressions of life. God is omnipotent containing all the power that is in the universe always acting from its power with wisdom and intelligence and love for the good of all. It has no thought of harm knowing that what it gives out is returned ten or more fold. God is aware of all for it is omniscience all knowing fully aware of all. It is the intelligence and wisdom. The universe is an intelligent lawful operating system. God is all there is it is everywhere present all that I see and all that I am is the expression of God in form.

I am one of God's expressions right here and now. I am all that God is and I am an expression of the abundance of God. I turn within and connect with my God self and its abundance. All my needs are met and I have more than I need. I freely give of my financial abundance in the awareness and knowing that what I give returns to me through many blessings in my life now. I give of my time energy and love and I am continually blessed. I embody all of this now and let it be expressed always.

I am an expression of the perfection of Spirit. My body is an expression of the health of God. Anything that is not an expression of this perfection of health is released now letting it go into the universe finding its place. My energy is the energy of God and I express this joy and vitality in every moment. Life pulses through my every cell with enthusiasm to be expressed here and now.

I am the expression of Spirit right here and now. I am in right relationship with my outer world for I am in right relationship with self. I release any thought or need to control for I know when I let life unfold I am in harmony with self and my outer world. I live move and have my being in a lawful world. I only attract people of like mind. There are only people who support my path for they are on the same journey. I let go of anyone who is not of my journey and I thank them for the time they spent .

I express my creativity with love and freedom in all that I do giving freely and with love. I am always rewarded and blessed. I am grateful for all that I am and all that I express knowing that I am always expressing my spiritual self. I know I am never alone, that God is always present. From the peace and calm of God I release this idea and let it unfold take form and manifest now. And so it is.